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Didn't think would work.......

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Maple Ridge, BC
First in line at the ferry line up this afternoon, and bam..... XJ won't run. I can get it to run for about five seconds, and the idle drops over that time until it dies. Called a buddy and he said try holding the key in the start position. Hey, it runs. Didn't think it would, but hey. What's going on? '89 4L with a 5 spd.
ignition switch?
Fuel pump ballast resistor? IIRC it's next to the air cleaner, and is bypassed when the ign is in the start position.
I thought the ignition switch, to. That sounds like something I can get at Lordco, but this resistor is news to me. How do I test it? Is this a dealer item only? Thanx for your guys' help.
bypass it if it stays running youll know u got it white ceramic block with 2 spade type wire connections coming out of it just tape the two wires togeather and see what happens
Bypass what? The switch or resistor? Where exactly is this resistor?

the resisitor is on the drivers side fenderwall in the engine compartment near the air intake/airfilter.

it is a white ceramic block about 1.5" long and has 2 orange wires going to it. take the 2 wires off and jumper them together.
Holding the key won't allow it to run if it is the ballast resistor. It'll start but it won't run, key or no. Ignition switch.
Whaddya mean it worked. What worked?? Holding the key, or jumping the wires.

If you mean jumping the wires, then yeah, that'll work.