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Day Trip Wheelin Dec. 4


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Lebanon, TN
Every year I've wanted to go wheeling on my bday but was never able to. This year Joe and I will be headed to woolys on saturday for a day trip wheeling. I'm putting the invite out in case anyone else would like to join. Both of our jeeps are locked on 35s.
you don't have to be locked on 35's to have a good time though.
you don't have to be locked on 35's to have a good time though.

I know. I just thought it would generate more interest for people knowing what we are driving.
It's all good. I've been several times and have always had fun. It won't be too much longer and mine will be back up and going. I can't wait to get back on the trails.
yeah you can bring your new 31's!!

and i wouldnt suggest glenn wheel his jeep untill he gets a tranny cooler.

kind of needs to swap the head i think too. got an overheating problem.

I really plan on going but if i can't get some more business between now and then it may not happen.

i can barely pay the bills at this point.
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i want to go to. depends on funds though. i should have my tires mounted today, and have my front DS in, and i'm gonna try to get my brake lines sorted out and get my rearend welded up again. i'll letcha know if i get it all together before saturday...
^yeah, but i think i have some chunks in the diff from the welds breaking, and i don't want to wheel with that stuff in there. i think i've decided to dedicate this saturday to doing everything do this jeep that it needs in one day, starting early in the morning, so i don't go wheelin with anything half-arsed.
I believe we are holding off on this trip.
Well mine might be done too depending on when yall decide to go. Im waiting on Andy to send me my trac bar and tie rod. Im eager to try out my new setup. The crawl was the last outing for the 3 inch and 31's.