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dana 30 reverse cut upgrade

bill hitchcock

NAXJA Forum User
going to upgrade my axles soon. i want to rebuild this axle solid so i can run 35's no problems. (on a 2000xj) so far im going to put some arb lockers,teraflex high steering knuckles any advice on what types of stong axles to use. anything else worth upgrading?
You could use Warn or Superior alloy shafts and CTM u-joints. A hub conversion may be something else you might consider. With the Warn shafts I believe you'll have to do the conversion to locking hubs, w. the Superior's you won't.

Is this the stock axle? I'm not sure which of the late models have the high pinion. If you currently have the high pinion, go for the above. If your replacing the whole axle, get a HP D44 instead and get the 5 on 5.5 bolt pattern so you can run Warn's premium locking hubs. It won't cost ya much more in the long run and you'll have an over all stronger set up, especially in the ring & p gear dept, plus a stronger housing and hopefully thicker axle tubes.

All said and done, many guys have run 35's with a D30 successfully. Good luck. Don't know what you have for the rear axle, but maybe that's where you need the D44. :)