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Dana 30 gear help

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Im about to order up new gears but am trying to determine what gear set I need. Im looking at yukons gear list... http://www.yukongear.com/randpcat.pdf

if you go to page 9 it shows the different Dana 30 gears. My guess is that I would require the D30S Standard Rotation w/ Short Pinion. Figure since itll work for a TJ it should work fin for my XJ.

BTW... my junk is a 2000 XJ and it has the LPP D30.

Also, it mentioned a carrier break at 3.54 and 3.73. Im assuming I would need a new carrier for 4.56. But would that come in the master install kit or not?

Just wanna make sure I get the right junk

For the low pinion 30 you will need the standard rotation set.
High pinion 30s get the reverse rotation set.

4.56s will need a new carrier.
The carrier will need to be ordered seperately from the master kit.
And your correct in needing the TJ short pinion!