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Dakota leafs installed


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Used the main XJ spring(of course),cut the eyes off the Dakota springs,used those under the main XJ spring,then used my Rough Country 3" AAL,along with the last 2 springs.Did not use the Dakota overloads.Rides a little rougher but heay,It's a Jeep thing,not a caddy thang.Gave me 4"+.Removed the rear swaybar and used those mounts for Bar Pin Eliminators,works gr eat..NAXJA member#579 Also member of Kentucky Krawlers.http://www.kentuckykrawlers.org
I suggest taking that RC AAL out and putting in the overload leaf as a fat spacer. It doesn't have an effect on axlewrap as it has more contact with the spring than a block. In fact, it may fight axlewrap a bit. Im using the 2 dakota leaves and OL leaf (not the main eye) and I still get 4.5 inches of soft riding and flexy lift.