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cps question?


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Whetstone AZ
I pulled my cps this evening to repair the burnt harness. When I put it back togather no start. Is there any adjustment to be done to the cps? If so how. I checked as per posted here. and no output so maybe Cps bad now? Thanks for you help again.
no there is no adjustment to the CPS, you can buy an adjustable one to tune the timing but as for the stock CPS its not adjustable. I'd say when you melted your wires they got so hot that you melted or shorted out the CPS at the same time. Replace it and you should be fine.
Hate to Say It......

But if the wires are burnt the internals are probably toast too... buy a new one. AutoZone fixed me up with a Wells for approx 30 clams. Money well spent. Ignition runs like a top now. I have heard of people slotting the bracket holes so that they could adjust the sense timing a couple of degrees. Don't know it that really buys you a lot though..... Good Luck !!
87-90 you can check the CPS with a voltmeter set on low voltage AC. When the engine is cranked over it should generate .5 to .8v AC. There isn't a factory adjustment but most old Jeep techs can adjust them with a hammer and long prybar carefully.