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could i stand 4.88 on 33's for 6 months?

bill hitchcock

NAXJA Forum User
im slowley upgrading my cheokee for 35's. in the mean time im going to run 33 inch tires. i want to get 4.88 for my 35's but there a way off. if im running 4.88 on 33's on the interstate everyday is it going to be tolorable? i dont care about gas milage. right now ive got 4.11 's and going 80 it runs right at 2000.
I'm running really close to the same ratio that you'd see with 4.88s and 33s (5.43s and 37s) and it's very livable. I have an automatic though, which no doubt helps. It does rev pretty high on the highway, but I haven't noticed a decrease in mileage. I think I'm gaining back some efficiency around town at the cost of some highway economy.
4.88's and 33's are yummy. I run 4.88's and 35's and feel pretty good about it, if anything 5.13's would be a touch better.

On 10 hour roadtrips, spinning 3,000 rpm for hundreds of miles, is no problem, and the only troublesome factor is the amount of oil I push out the PCV vent. My 200,000 mile motor really spits it out at high RPM's.

I run 4.56s and 31s and love it ---basically same step you would be going----as a matter of fact depending on how much you wheel, I bet you would want to go to 5.13s if you had bigger axles of course. I know Beezil runs 5.13s with 35s and he loves it so maybe you should talk to him.
I am getting ready to do the 5.13s with 33s til I can afford the 35s. wish I could go deeper but with my combo that is the deepest I could go. I guess it will be time for a Klune!
You will, of course, want to get a proper speedo gear for that combo. I ran 411s with 28-29 inch tires for almost a year. Without the new speedo gear I was like 33% of on the speedometer though. Had to go 90 something in a 60 zone. The speedo gear is really cheap and easy to replace. 5 - 10 minutes if it gives you trouble even.
I could go 6 months on 33" with 4.88:1 :viking: might even end up getting 6 months (to a year) if I swapped mommas alloy wheels & 26.5" tires on it.

cant wait to finally get my spooled 44 under my XJ. it only has 4.56:1, but what a relief from 3.55 and open diffs :rolleyes: