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Converting Trackbar to heim, quick question


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Ok, I have a rustys adjustable track bar with a TRE at the end. I bought a used RE HD track bar bracket at the cherokee crawl. It came with the mis alignment bushings, So I just need a heim with the same threads as the TRE to go in there. Does anyone know what the threads are? Can you reccomend a place to buy and a certain type of Heim for this? I am not looking to spend too much money, but this jeep does get driven on the street some times... not daily. Thanks, Let me know, Tim
The thread on Rusty's is 11/16 by 18, good luck.
I think it was me that sold it to you. The heim that I used on that bracket was a 3/4 fine left hand thread heim. I think the bolt was a 9/16 bolt. RE uses a 5/8 bore heim with a reducer sleave to 9/16 IIRC. You can order a heim with the sleave from RE. I didn't know you were going to try to match it to a Rustys trac bar. MAYBE you can drill it our and re-thread to 3/4 left hand or maybe a 3/4 right hand thread. Good luck.
Yep that was me who bought it from you. I guess my best bet would be to drill and re-tap the trackbar then? Anyone else messed around with this? I don't suppose I can find an 11/16th heim... seems like an odd size. Let me know, Tim
Why don't you just sell the RE bracket and order Rusty's HD bracket kit to match up to your Trackbar? Would be a lot easier than trying to find the parts to make Rusty's work with the RE.

Or if you are interested, I might be interested in swapping my Rusty's HD bracket for your RE HD bracket since I'm thinking of switching to a RE trackbar.
I am not familiar with the construction of the Rusty's TB. If the material is heavy wall DOM then I'd say tap away. To tap to 3/4 x 18 you'll need to drill out the threads with an 11/16 drill which is the size you'll need for tapping 3/4. The tap will cost you about $20 and the heim about the same or more for chromoly. Like I said, if the TB is DOM steel then drilling/tapping is a cheap fix, but if it's light wall chromoly I'd just sell it it's easier than modifying it and finding someone to weld the chromoly.