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Control arm bushings


NAXJA Forum User
Anyone recommend some durable after market control arm bushings? I was looking at the Energy Suspension ones, which cost approximately 95$. Just wanted to make sure I am not going to pay too much.

The master kit which replaces every single suspension bushing costs about that much. However, if you are an off roader, I would not install these bushings. I have them in my street XJ, and they made a HUGE difference in the handling, the Jeep felt like a sports car, but at the same time the ride was very much more harsh, and the stiff poly bushings do not deflect well (desirable on the street) and would not be a wise choice IMHO if articulation is your game.

I dont know about the new soft formula poly bushings, they may be different , but the original and the graphite impregnated variety (what I have) should only be used for the 97% of SUVs and Jeeps that dont see trails.

Stick with OEM rubber or get some rebuildable spherical joints.