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control arm bushings axle side


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allentown pa
i am getting sick of hearing the front end wrap back and forth under a load on the trail because the bushings are shot which in turn loosens the bolts...found oem bushings at auto zone but was wondering if there are better ones out there? i figured while i got it apart i would brace the crap out of the mount and fix what ever else i find broke....anyone got a link to poly bushing or something?
i think the OEM mounts are fine personaly. though mine slid out a little bit and became annoying...
when i remake my suspension, i am going to use new OEM mounts tack welded to the box tube that holds them in...

i remember hearing somewhere that rawbrown
used some neoprein bushings designed to be UCA axle mounts as motor mount bushings, but dont hold me to that...
good guy to work with though...
I ordered them from Rusty's $8.95 plus shipping. Piece of advise- you can try to beat them in but I recommend using the ball joint press that you can borrow from Autozone.