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Consumables List


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Hello all -

I'm new to the fourm, but not to Jeeps.

I tried running a search for this topic, but I couldn't really find what I was looking for. And it may not even exist.

I have a 95 XJ being restored (4.0L, AT). I was looking at the Team Cherokee site for some of the plastic bits and pieces that will need replaced as it is reassembled. Things like the weather stripping, fender well plugs, etc.

What I am wondering is: Is there some kind of master list of "Here are all the consumables/little things you might need for a restoration"

I've purchased most of the replacement big things that are needed. But it's these little things that I would like to order for the shop so that they are available when needed.

I get that this may not be the clearest request. Happy to answer questions that may arise from this.

I don't know of any such list, but it would be nice to have it!

You can find a lot of part numbers and descriptions from the factory parts list. I'm not sure they have one for your '95 but probably.

I have one for my '99 and I usually start there. Then I can google the part number and see it OEM parts are still available. If not, the search will normally drive you towards aftermarket options.

Make a good list of what you need and take it with you to junk yards. When I started my journey of resto-modding my '99 I went looking for one or two items that I was working on at the time and probably walked right past other items I would eventually need.

Now I pull out my list and look for all the little bits and pieces.
I had emailed Team Cherokee to ask the question, but thought I could also seek out info here.

This is a torn down to the bare metal and built back up. So, I'm good with buying new and not seeking out junkyard/used parts.

I had really just hoped for a conveniently populated shopping list.
Better make friends with the local body shop supplier as they have most of the little parts!