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Concerning Noise When Letting Off the Gas


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Dallas, Tx
I've got a noise that definitely doesn't sound good when I'm cruising and then let off the gas. It usually takes a split second or sometimes a couple seconds before I hear the sound and feel the vibrations. It sounds like something in the driveline, axle or maybe wheel. The sound is kind of a growling sound and a bit of a metal on metal rumble. It lasts for a another second or two and then stops. I also feel some vibes when going up a hill and giving it gas.

The XJ was recently in a shop and they repaired the front left wheel bearing that was putting out even worse sounds and vibes. They installed new pinion and carrier bearings in the front. They also rebuilt the rear axle.

I installed a 3" lift and 32" tires prior to the above work being done. However, I did notice the noise when letting off the gas prior to the lift install.

My gas mileage has dropped probably a 15-20% recently. Not sure if this is strictly due to the lift, tires and steel bumpers (front/back) or if the problem behind the rumble noise is a factor as well.

I'm hoping that this scenario sounds familiar to someone and can help diagnose the issue.

The shop I took it to said it might have to do with the transfer case. Any other thoughts? They didn't try that first though, so I'm not certain that's it.
Twice now ive had axle troubles with a rumble while coasting or deceleration.

Is rear axle pinion seal leaking?
Twice now ive had axle troubles with a rumble while coasting or deceleration.

Is rear axle pinion seal leaking?
I haven't noticed any leaks. The shop just worked on both the front and rear diffs so they should be sealed up well.

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Actually if the shop just fid pinion bearings in axles. This is the first place I'd look.
Most likely if you drive it youl notice pinion seals leaking. It leaks because the bearing is going out or because ring and pinion itself is rumbling causing the seal to leak.

Always assume the last area of the vehicle worked n is tge culprit. It almost never isn't something new. Karma kind a thing and probly cause the shop just ****ed up

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Was a Slip Yoke Eliminator (SYE) installed after the lift ?

Suspect loose lift kit components/fasteners, excessive driveline angles, worn u-joints, damaged/worn or out of balance drive shaft, worn motor/transmission mounts, exhaust contacting a driveshaft/crossmember/skid plate/hitch, and/or poor workmanship from the shop.
Originally before I read your entire post it sounded like a wheel bearing. Did they replace both wheel bearings or just one. Wheel bearings can often make noise only during a certain Rpm range and then go away.
I just wanted to post the solve on the issue I was having here. The problem stopped once I had a slip yoke (SYE) eliminator put in. The shop that I took it to didn't think that was the problem, but I asked them to install it anyway, and that did the trick. No similar troubles since it's been installed.
Glad you got it figured out and that i was wrong.
Thanks for shareing what it was

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