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Colorado event registration


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I'll ask this again....... Where and how do I get registered? Me thinks this new format stinks. :(
You can say that again

Of course, all the techo-geeks who run this place will trash me for being anti-progressive - but that would be a typical techno reaction to any complaints about user-friendliness! (Should I open all my "closed bbCode tags" now, or do an HTML defrag before retiring for the evening?) :?

Considering the other controversies about whether or not this CO thing is a true NAXJA event or not, how about this, Troy:

I'll be swinging through Denver on my way to the Divide around the end of July - wanna come? :D

Mike, count me in for that "casual little trip at the end of July". Who knows, we may just bump into a few other like-minded XJ owners in the area at that time! :lol:
colorado trip

hi guys

im new to the club and computers so be patience
my 2boys and i [three amigoes ] will be at camp jeep and would still like to come out i dont have to be back to work untill aug 9 and camp jeep is over july27 hate to come back early please let me know where to met we willtry to be in colorado by7/30or 7/31wil try to stay in the trading post or eiberts
cabins anyone going to camp jeep ? we're leaving va early 7/19l lookfor us red cherokee 33's smiley faces onpumpkins

3 amigoes
i am new to this club and i live in colorado, i want to attend this event real bad, i will most likely need registration info, can someone please tell me where i can obtain this information
Three amigos and hjeepxj,

Glad to hear that you'd like to join us. :) We will be an informal group running some trails from 7-30 to 8-4, and there is no registration. Check out the other thread "Grant's CO Trek schedule" to read about our plans. We're going to run Mt Blanca on Tuesday, Iron Chest on Wed or Thurs, then Holy Cross on Thurs or Fri. Sat and Sun are open and we'll meet some XJ'ers from around CO and run a few more trails.

Check out the other thread for definite plans, but it looks like we're going to be staying at Crazy Horse Campground in Buena Vista. We'll continue to nail down our plans as we get closer to the time. Tell us a little about yourselves, and when you plan to arrive, and we'll keep an eye out for you.

Richard G

Let me know. I am leaving n Thursday the 1st. I can probably hold up one day or leave one day earlier...


I am stopping overnight in CHICAGO and you are welcome to dinner and breakfast at my mothers place there. I have to pick my brother up at her house and then we are off to COLORADO on either Friday or Saturday Morning.

Let me know

800 518 2214 3203
Sorry guy

Since I posted the first comment, my plans have gone bust. Need to hang around work and can't make it out. Just as well, my LSD went screwy a couple of weeks ago and I have an Auburn being shipped.

Unfortunately, it wouldn't have worked out anyway - I was leaving on the 25th and coming back the 6th.

Thanks for the offer though, have a great time there and hope you're able to hook up with my NAXJA buddies - a great group of folks.

Mike in NJ