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coil spring problem


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new jersey
i have problem with my passenger side coil bowing out in the middle towards the front of the truck. at first it would actuall rub on the sway bar link. i used rubicon sway bar relocation brackets but it still bothers me that the drivers side is straight up and down but the pass. side is bowed out so much it looks like an accordian. i switched the coils from left to right and it still bows out only on the pass. side. not the drivers side. when i switched them the one that was bowed looked perfect now being on the drivers side. spoke to rubicon and they said it is fairly common on xj's and told me to try to switch the coils. if anyone has fixed this or has an educated guess i would appreciate the help. thanks
How high is your lift?

I wrote up an erudite-sounding explanation a few days ago about why this happens. Try a search. Basically, it means you should be buying a set of RE's drop brackets.
Well, I don't like 'em on my truck, but I'm at 4" of lift so the brackets are at stock height, just waiting to get whacked. From the description of the problem, I'm guessing that this involves more lift than that, so the brackets are a potential solution. So are adjustable control arms. It would be easier to recommend one or t'other if madmechanic had given us some info regarding his lift.
sorry for not giving enough info. i was really tired from work and i spaced out. its a 92 xj with 4.5" coils and acos with re drop brackets and fixed length upper and lower super ride control arms. thanks for any help you guys can offer.
Where in Jersey are you? I (or several others in the area) would be willing to take a look. Is the coil properly seated in the bucket? Is your suspension properly adjusted such that the axle is square to the chassis? Is your castor adjusted equally on both sides?
Hey Eagle, do the TM brackets drop a whole 4"? Or are they the same 3" lower and 1/2" forward design as the RE brackets?

Mad, that is really odd. With only a 4.5" lift, you really shouldn't have any problems with the things bowing out. Check to see that the bottom end of the spring is proplerly seated in the mount on the axle. It has a groove molded into it to accept the end of the spring. If the spring end were not in this groove, it would definately cause a bow. Check also to see it both of your spring mounts are level to eachother. The only way they wouldn't be is if your axle were tweaked, an unlikely scenario. That is unless you have cut off and rewelded the axle bracketry. Also, check to see if the UPPER mounts are bent.

I'd give RE another call, they may have some "helpful" input.

Maybe now would be a good time to sell me your "defective" lift for a cheap price and go Fox coilovers!

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DeadEyeJ said:
Hey Eagle, do the TM brackets drop a whole 4"? Or are they the same 3" lower and 1/2" forward design as the RE brackets?

Never measured. I assumed they were 4" because the lift is supposed to be 4". However, I've also been told that the RE brackets are the same as the TM brackets, so maybe they are 3-1/2".
i live in Elizabeth and i work in a repair garage in perth amboy. i checked to see if the coil was indexed properly and it is and like i said when i put the drivers side coil on the pass. side it bows out as well and when i put the pass. side on the drivers side it stands up straight. thanks for the advice any more info would help.
Do you have adjustable control arms? If so, are you certain they are set to the same length on both sides?
Are all your brackets in good shape, body and axle? One of my mounts on the body actually got shoved up into the body a little and caused something similar to what you're describing, just not as severe. What about your control arm bushings? Both coil towers ok and upper ca's ok?
I had the same problem with RE ZJ 4.5" coils & ACOS, nothing wrong with the springs but they did bow badly on the passenger side. I attribute this to the spring perch being pitched forward and the axle being further rearward than it would be stock. I think the only way to fix it is to cut the perches off & rotate them back to perpendicular with the upper coil pocket. Of course, when you go higher they'll be off again. Coilovers are my solution to the problem. :D