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Codes 118, 1682, 700, 463, 740, 705,1694


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Bois Darc
1998 xj 4wd aw4 4.0 a/c heat power locks windows four door gunmetal pearl 164000 miles

  1. 118 Engine coolant temperature sensor voltage high
  2. 1682 Charging system doesn’t seem to be working well. Check alternator, etc.
  3. 700 The automatic transmission computer or Aisin computer has a problem
  4. 463 Fuel level sender voltage wrong.
  5. 740 The engine’s running faster than it should for these speeds, so I think the torque convertor clutch lock-up system is bad
  6. 705 transmission sensor switch malfunction
  7. 1694 No messages received from the powertrain control module-Aisin transmission.
Changed my water pump and afterwards the CEL (check engine light) appeared. It was not on before. I also changed T stat and temp sending unit. No CEL before these changes. My question is could a bad ground from firewall to block cause all these issues or something simple along those lines. or do I have alot of wire checking replacing and NSS(neautral safety switch) and CPS (crankshaft positioning sensor) to replace. Right now it is running fine and shifting fine. The gas gauge sometimes goes to empty then back up been doing that since I got it two weeks ago b4 CEL. I cleaned the old temp sender and it worked fine just decided to replace it since i was doing water pump. I also changed the oil pressure sending unit but that was after CEL came on. Any help will be appreciated.