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cluster swap or gauges


NAXJA Forum User
Hey Guys,

I have a question for you... my 93 XJ has the basic cluster in it. The jeep is a 5 speed 4.o 4x4. I am wondering if i can just drop a cluster in it with a tach and gauges and expect it to work. If not what has to be altered. Would it be better to just run aftermarket guages in a pod on the A pillar. I am looking to get a Tach, Oil pressure, and temp.

- Jason
If you run gauges in a pod you are going to have to figure out where to put the senders, T fitting on the oil sender may work.
Gauge swap, just be sure whether you have a cable spedometer or electronic spedo. You will have to change the oil and temp senders too. Otherwise it's pretty much plug and play. Not as easy as the 97+ which is a straight swap but not too bad from what I have read here. I have only done my 98.

Mines all electric. So i should just be able to get the sending uints and the cluster and it's plug and play. Cool

- Jason