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Clunk when hitting brakes in reverse.


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Good morning all, new to naxja and looking for wisdom. I have a 98 xj 4.0 automatic with 157,*** all stock. This only happens in reverse but when backing up and I hit the brakes I can hear/feel a clunk. Seems to be driver side. From what I can see the ball joints are good, the wheel bearings and u-joints are brand new. I have a new bushing kit from daystar I am going to do next as the bushings are dry. Could it be the bushings causing this clunk?any input is helpful.
I sometimes get something similar myself when the rear drums aren't fully adjusted right - might be worth checking to see if the drum on that side is properly adjusted.
Cheap brake parts are cheap for reason. I would look at the drum brake shoes and brake parts, and look at the disk brake pads and their slide surfaces. Cheap brake pads and shoes sometimes are the wrong size and will shift back and forth when changing direction. Cheap brake parts kits often fit poorly. Disk brake pads do wear grooves in their sliding surfaces that can make them hang up. Other than slightly annoying it is likely nothing serious. Naturally you will want to look at the suspension bushings while you are under there.
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It's also really hard to get the rear brake hardware assembled correctly on these for some reason. Particularly the parking brake slack adjuster cable. It took me week of fiddling with them to finally get mine adjusted to where they would work correctly.