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climate control fan speed ?

Ben H

NAXJA Forum User
Got my baby a few months ago and am stoked. All i have needed my entire life was this jeep. I dont know where to start with this problem. the climate control knob for the fan speed will only work with the fan speed set to the highest level of 4. if the control cluster is shot then why will the fan control speed work on this level only. the vent and temperature knobs work but not the fan setting. can any of you help? by the way this is my first thread so guide me through this awsome system. thanks
do a search for fan resistor, or thermal fuse :) its a cheap and simple fix, same thing happened to me when i got my XJ:)

There is also a thread here somewhere on how to fix it...
I'm occuring the same exact situation...seems to be cronic

replacing the switch, and motor - thus far - I can only attain the high level

there is a resistor, but where...oh wait...the page just loaded...what a dumb location...

hopefully my dad will be happy...but now i've gotta tear into there...and chrysler doesn't open for the next 18 hours.
what year do you have. i have a 2000 have had a hard time finding the time to find the resistor. i looked and found where the thermal fuse should have been to replace, but no luck just a bucnh of little plastic gears and a very small motor. maybe that was it. just dont have the time to mess with non mech fixes right now to nice to not be off road. let me know if you find it and how much.
XplodJeepster said:
...but now i've gotta tear into there...and chrysler doesn't open for the next 18 hours.

You don't need the jeep parts counter, you need a radio shack. 128*Celcius Thermal Fuse is what you wanna buy. Make sure you got a soldering iron too.