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cleaner cuts for the fenders?


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OK..... lets be reasonable... plasma cutter is out of the question LOL......
so what would give me a nice clean cut? :)
I'm going to be retrimming my fronts and I wanna do them better :)
I have used till now cutoff wheel but that isn't coming out too nice :(

I use my jigsaw and put some self adhesive felt on the bottom - use a really fine toothed blade (24 or 32 tpi) and then I went back with a 60 grit flap wheel on the angle grinder...


I used a high speed cutting wheel on an airpiece. It worked real well. It made a clean cut and was really easy to make a nice stright line. Are you using a right angle grinder with a cut off wheel?
yup... right angle grinder with a cutoff wheel... Part of the problem with the cutoff wheel is that you can't curve where neded as much due to the wheel... well being a wheel :)

I used a jigsaw with a 36 tpi blade. It cuts through it very well. Just have someone holding the fender from moving back and forth from the blade and youll be good. Then you'll need to sand it or grind it after.
if you can get a hold of an air cutter. They can't be more than 30 bucks. Use that. It works really well, sheet metal, and plastic fender all in one shot!! They spin alot faster than a right angle grinder giving you a cleaner cut.
i used an angle grinder with a cut off wheel for straight edges and then something with a small wheel, such as a dremel, for curves. then go back with a 60 grit flap disc and clean it up. it doesn't get much cleaner than this:

(to big and i didn't want to put it in the post)

heres another one done the same way...


and yet another one...

Dremel tool with cut off WHEELS! About 4 per side if i remember correctly.
I've said it before,so,I'll say it again. You CAN'T BEAT an air saw for cutting sheet metal. This is the most precise, least damaging ,and quickest method for cutting sheet metal! If you don't have one,you owe it to yourself to go out and get one. You can buy them at Home Depot,Lowe's,or wherever else you buy air tools from for around $70. The correct name for it is a "body saw",but it's commonly referred to as an air saw. Once you cut with one,you'll dump the other methods for good!
I used a roto-zip to cut my fronts. Kinda time consuming but turned out real well. I then cleaned them up with a grinder before painting the fresh metal.

On another note, i have tried to use a saws-all on some fenders, and its pretty tough to make that go well.

I think a jigsaw would be a good option if you have one.


I second the air body saw. I used a grinder and they were jagged I picked up a air body saw at Harbor freight for like $35 and it works great. If you can draw the lines you can cut it with the air body saw. The cuts come out real smooth
I am also going to have to agree with the Body Saw. Bought mine just for this and loved it. It was like cutting warm butta. Draw your line and go at it. Hell you could write your name in it if you like. The work awesome, do yourself a favor and pick one up.

Hey KrazieXJ what trim did you use to cover the lines that you cut? where do you get it?
To cut the fronts, I used a pair of aviation (avvies) tin snips. Real neat, no jagged edges.
Is this what you're talking about?

i have a set of metal shears that they use in body shops. the leave a real clean cut and are easy to use...cost about 70.00