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Chapter Meet and Greet - Saturday after Thanksgiving


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We are planning a chapter meet and greet, Saturday after Thanksgiving.

For the moment, it is planned to be at my place in Loveland. I plan to BBQ.

I am open to do it somewhere more central if enough people want it. The chapter is covering the food and pop.

We plan to have some type of drawing for those who show up. Don't worry if you aren't a paid member.

RSVP or propose something different.
You had me at BBQ!
I might be in Denver that weekend. If so I will stop by before I go home Sunday. Would be nice to meet some of you. (and yes, I know it is the wrong direction.)
Hope everything still works out. My wife has been in the hospital for 3.5 months, then got home for three weeks and the infection in her spine came back hard. She just finished her third surgery. Tuesday they are going to do the first of several more surgeries which entails completely replacing two lumbar vertebras. The hope is that she will be home this time by Thanksgiving for a while between surgeries.
Things are looking up.

Everybody still in for the BBQ?
Glad things are looking up if that means your wife is doing better!

I will hopefully be able to come by. Probably have my BIL with me.
Everyone is welcome. Just trying to get a rough head count.

My address is 3469 Janus Drive, Loveland, CO 80537

What time, Tom? My wife reminded me that us old folks don't like to drive at night. :)
Canceled due to wife's health. Sorry