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Changing the TPS...amongst other issue.

1968 Charger B5

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Orleans, Ma
Let me ask a really dumb question. I am changing the TPS in my 98 cherokee. I am going to disconnect the neg cable on battery, make sure no voltage, then change it. A friend said to check volts and adjust, but it doesnt look like the is adjustment on the jeep...is this true? Basically walk me through changing the tps, other than just replacing it....any other issues to note? Thanks.....dumb question i know, im just chasing problems with the xj and trying to eliminate everything...
1. Remove air intake tube at throttle body
2. Disengage the TPS wiring connector and remove the two mounting screws
3. Carefully remove the TPS from the throttle body
4. The throttle shaft end has a tang that can be fitted into the TPS 2 different ways. Only one of the installed positions is correct. When correctly positioned, the TPS can be rotated a few degrees. Be sure it is in correctly!
5. Tighten the 2 TPS mounting bolts to 60 inch lbs and engage the connector
6. Manually operate the throttle and check for any binding
7. Install air intake tube

BTW, the TPS on later models like yours is not adjustable; earlier models were.
I asked this before, but didn't get any replies. I've been monitoring the tps sensor through an obd2 scanner and at idle tps is 8% and at wot, it is 77%. When I took my tps out, I could get it to register 0-91%. I tried a spare tps and got similar results. I understand the 8% setting for idle, but why isn't it 100% for wot? I already verified the throttle plate is 90* at wot at the 77%. I wish there was a way to adjust the newer tps.