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cb antenna coax cable help


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so i'm running the coax for my cb antenna and i'm looking at that huge plug on the radio end thinking -- dag, that's a really big hole i'm going to have to cut in my firewall/underbody somewhere...that sucks. if i cut the connector off of the coax, it would be MUCH easier to fish that through an existing hole in the body (like where the rear a.b.s. cables used to be). but then i have a wire without a tip.

i assume that if i go to the local cb guy i can get another tip, but how complicated is it to get it put back on right? do you have to soder or is it just a twist/crimp on like television coax? will cutting and reattaching the connector have a detrimental effect on my signal?

They have both kinds of connector (solder, and twist/crimp) at your friendly Radio Shack store. I was faced with a similar dilemma when wiring for cable TV at home. I cut the factory crimped connector off a pre-fabbed cable, ran it through the wall, and installed a Radio Shack twist-on and it has worked fine. I don't any reason it wouldn't work for CB.
Save yourself some trouble. Do not use a twist on or crimp on connector, go to the shack and get one the solders on....you will be much happier. Your antenna is subjected to rain, wind, etc. a twist-on will loosen and get corroded, solder and dielectric grease is you friend. A little grease on the threads will go along way to protecting you connection.

Eagle. Get the tool, and crimp on a connector. Dump the twist-on, if the twist-on is on a cable carrying broadband cable signals you can be causing interference to other users of the spectrum. PM or e-mail me for more info.

what if he uses the twist on connector on the interior end of the cable?? ;)
Vibrations!! Any one not get vibrations? Twist-on connectors and vibrations don't mix.

Stop trying to half-arse something and solder it on the first time.