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Carrier damage after snapping an axle shaft


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This past weekend I helped a buddy pull the carrier and what was left of his drivers side rear axle shaft on his TJ. Another satisfied D35 owner :laugh3: .

Anyway all D35 comments aside, upon inspecting the carrier the side that had the snapped shaft was chewed up in the tube up to the splines. The splines looked and felt fine. But then looking at the other side I noticed right before the splines there was a smooth groove in the tube. On the side that snapped there is no groove at all. Was this chewed up when the shaft went? It's a C-clip D35 with 3.73 for gears and a factory LSD installed. I've never snapped a shaft so I'm trying to figure out if the carrier is trashed all together or if it's salvegable and all he'll need is a new shaft. Thanks in advance.

And here's what was left of it all...
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