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Canvas top

Rev Den

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Plainfield, IL
OK, say I took the top off my XJ, and now I want a soft top so I can drive it in the rain, snow etc... Does anyone know anywhere in the Chicago area that will make a custom canvas (or fabric) top?

I don't know any, but I bet if you go to or call a classic car restorations shop, they should know of places. Not all classic cars have reproduction tops... someone's gotta make them custom. _nicko_
I thought Beezil had a canvas top made for his last rig since his rollcage was all custom. I'd wager he could point you in the right direction.
You cut the top and we don't get pics???
What's up with that???

Chicks and Cherokees; when they're topless, we gotta see it :)
dude, if you can manage to leave the burbs and come into the city, you could visit the various sail makers and bimini top makers.....

sterling sail archer ave

north sail elston ave to name a couple.....

actually, theres a place that makes those stupid blow-up things you see at car dealerships....you know, they make party tents and 30 foot high godzillas and stuff, very close to mercy hospital.....
Yes...for this I will leave the burbs and venture into the city. No, I have not cut it ...yet. the wife demands that I have a place to make the top before it gets cut.

thanks Beezil.

Wellll poop. My Women In charge of Fun Elimanation (WIFE) has cancelled my topless plans. Thanks for all your suggestions.

Rev (still got a hardtop) Den