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Cam sensor installed 180° out and runs???


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Yea so what’s it mean when the cam position sensor is installed regardless of whether the engine is on TDC compression or overlap and will start right up. yes I timed the sensor both times with the toothpick procedure. But still how is it even running?...and sorta decently
CPS and diz both 180° out? what year?
2000 XJ,
Sorry I should’ve provided more detail in my original post. I just finished building a 4.6 L stroker and have a glowing header issue. The engine starts and runs fine, idles relatively well (has a mild cam) and engine is quiet. However I can’t seem to get the header to stop glowing after Revving for just a couple minutes at 2000 RPM’s.
So I have tried many many different things. One of which...just to see what it would do was intentionally put the cam position sensor 180 out from TDC compression. The result- I can’t tell a difference in how the engine runs. Should it being running? I was expecting a no start..?
Did you install larger injectors? What cam are you using?
I should add that on a '00-01 as long as the camshaft is timed properly, you could drop the dist gear in any position as long as you time the sensor (toothpick method).
I should have added at TDC(comp), also have you put a scanner that read live data on it?
I should add that on a '00-01 as long as the camshaft is timed properly, you could drop the dist gear in any position as long as you time the sensor (toothpick method).

Hmm interesting, ok well I guess that’s going to go then.

Regarding your other questions. Yes I’ve got 30lb injectors and a Howard’s cam. Specs are: .485 int, .480 exh valve lift. 269* int & 273* duration or 215* & 219* @.050, 114 lobe sep. yes I degrees the cam just to double check and all are close to within spec. The worst from spec was the intake center line. I read it as 108 and the spec is 110..?

Stroker kit is from Cleggs, they’re stage 3. With a Newcomer racing competition ported TUPY head.

Banks torque tube header, I cut the collector off for a 3” ball & socket style. 3” exhaust dumped after muffler.

62mm BBK TB. All new sensors.

-yes I swapped out all sensors back to original in trying to diagnose. I even toward the front of the engine back down and rechecked my timing chain installation.
Those are really big injectors, the cam sounds like a carburetor cam. Do you have any live data?
I do have live scanned data from my HP Tuners. However it may take me another day or so before I can find time to use my laptop and attach it here. I originally installed 24 pound injectors but my injector duty cycle was at 105 at 4500 RPMs. So I just recently switched to 30 pound injectors.

Regarding the cam specs and it being a “carburetor cam” I would have no idea to be honest. I just assumed that Cleggs sold me everything as a working “kit”