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Calico Past Pics and Memories


Only Marble Sharp
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Pictures and recollections from Calico and it's surrounding area from over the years.

I'll start off with this:

Courtesy of Kevin Hedstrom

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Haha. This is the only Calico picture that I could find. Photobucket deleted all I had.
Robert thrashing it in Gate Keeper, 2012...now that was entertaining!
I was one of the spectators up high on the ledge and we almost got ran over!🤣

Photo by John X. 😑
Waterfall on Doran. Oops!

ETA: This happened prior to John's post (#2).
Done. 😝
Deadline for ordering event shirts/hoodies is Saturday 4/13, 11:59 p.m.
Breakfast Mac Johns?

I'm in.