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bumper question


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is the crossmember on the front of the 2 frame* rails nessesary?
im making my own bumper and i would love to remove it for stronger mounts.

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Yes, you have to have something there. You can reinforce the existing cross member, build a stronger replacement, or tie the two frame rail ears together with some sort of bracket. The factory tow hooks use a reinforcement bracket.

Have a look at the Detours Backbone system - http://detoursusa.com/xjbackbone.php -.


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You dont need it if you do the bumper right!
I don't have pics right now (found pic, bottom), but to mount my winch I used the frame re-inforcements I made (same as CRok and others) than put a piece of 6" wide 1/4" thick plate going from one frame plate to the other. The winch ount is also bolted to the bottom of the crossmember using some 2x2 angle.

I didn't cut out the crossmember at the time cause I was in a hurry to mount the winch for a weekend run, but I expect to cut much of the crossmember out in the future when I do some work on it this winter. I will hollow the center out to allow better airflow for the winch and rad (Taurus fan sucks air from down low too). I want to keep it (x-member) there for when I remove the frame plates, so the front end will have some structure to it (on the off chance I need to)

here's a cruddy pic of what I am talking about