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Bringing tools?


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Trying to decide whether or not I should lug my 75lb Craftsman tool case all the way across the country for the big event in Oct.. A bit early to think about it...not really, I have to make provisions to safely secure the box in the Jeep as well as make it readily accessible.

XJ Guy,

I usually try to bring basic hand tools for sure. Then I think about specialty tools others my not think to bring, i.e. snap ring pliers, torx drivers, spring compressor, etc. Going with a group usually means a plethory of tools so I just try to hit the basics and specialty tools. I built a box that I have in the rear of my Jeep filled with tools and spare parts.

Less weight on the trail would likely be better but I wheeled all last year with my box in the Jeep. I had no problems at all. The year before I kept taking the box out as I was afraid the weight would cause problems. But last year I decided it was too much work.

Just make sure what ever you do you secure it well. I've seen a guy have his milti mount winch he was storing in the rear of his Jeep come through a window when he rolled. That could have easily been deadly. I know you mentioned that you are going to but I thought I would add a reminder. :)

Seems like I tote a half a ton of too much stuff...but on the other hand, I have used most of it at one point or another on someone's Jeep or my own...so it's included.

The day I abandon or scale back my on-board tool/spares kit, someone will need a __x__ and I'll be like "Doh!" Then my junk will start breaking...

I've been a victim of a $50 tow that could have been fixed with a pair of vise grips and a $5 part (carb mounted fuel filter on a Chevy PU) and since then have gone into overkill mode on tool-toting.

Tomorrow is an exception...have to get room to tote my axles from here to work. I'll still have a jack & tire tools on board LOL.
tools are good. i make it a point to minimize everything i take with me wheeling if at all possible, however i fall victim to the craftsman box. nothing would suck worse than to have something stupid happen and need "that" tool that you dont have. if you are traveling solo out to moab there is no question on whether to take it or not. if your traveling in part of a group then minimize, but dont minimize to the fact where you cut yourself short. seems to me the tool someone will need is the one nobody has, i like being the guy who has it.

I figure i'm fully loaded with half the house anyway i might as well have most of my tools too......

(now, where to mount the TIG.....) jk
I've had my rig nicknamed 'Tool Shed' by some of my fellow trail guys.......I like being prepared. I take a few extras, but the extras add up to 40 lbs. or so. I think it's worth it.
Speaking of tools......I'll never forget the first time I met Jon Jacobs......we were in Moab and ran across each other on the CB, he was headed up to the Dump Bump to try out him new Lockrite........next thing I know he's got the front end pointed up and his tailgate pops open.........misc. tool sale!
Dude was hauling a top chest off a roll-away box in the back, and a partially assembled T-case that he threw in just in case he needed a spare.........:eek:

Moral? I guess it's "bring what you think you'll need to fix your junk, but chances are, someone will show up with more tools than you "...........

That's too funny about Jon, He let that hatch come open a few too many times. Last time I saw it happen (on dump bump of course) he had all his junk in the jeep cuz we were moving camp spots. Worst part about it, the cops were coming in to shut the place down just as he let the crowd see his dirty undies and all:eek:

I have no tech to add to this, I try to travel light and 90% of the time have the right tools. If you wheel your junk enough you know what is typically going to break and you're prepared for it.

I have never found it to be a problem to find extra tools at big events as these. In general, people are pretty cool about helping you out or letting you swing a wrench at there camp. AZ safari - broken LCA bolt/ Moab safari - Broken tie rod / Red creek 2001- smashed diff cover. I bring tools for the small jobs, over time I have figured out what I need and have adjusted accordingly. See ya there
Guess what I was getting at was, I find myself bringing extra parts more than tools.
My philosophy:
Start with the commonly used tools and work towards the rarely used one. Fill the space you have available and don’t sweat what has to be left behind.

On trips I have blown two sets of front spider gears (pre truetrac), broken a track bar mount, R&R’ed a head in camp, rebuilt a t-case on the trail, replaced an alternator, replaced u-joints, trashed way too many sets of brake parts, and never had to buy a tool.

The only time I had to buy a tool that I had at home was a pitman arm puller last year in CO. Not too bad for all the years I been wheeling. That’s the great thing about running in a club such as NAXJA, if you don’t have what you need someone is bound to.