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Breaking bad thread count...


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Mid Missouri
Sorry the superstitious part of my being got the best of me. Now post # is 667!

I'm surprised he made it past post # 13

I could just imagine what he was think after posting # 12 wondering if he could ever post on NAXJA again.
That's not all that's broke... I see 115 posts.

I wasn't talking about my post #'s. It was the total thread count for Non-tech that hit the triple 6. I noticed it while logging in to the forums and decided to do something about it.
It's sort of like the time I bought some stuff that totaled the same # so I tossed a gumball on the counter so it wouldn't be "that #".

As my byline reads: We're all here...because we ain't all there...

Bones :skull1: