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Brake problems!!!!!!


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I have a 1991 4x4 XJ, I just put new longer brake lines due to the new lift I put on.
When I went to bleed the brakes , my helper pumped and pumped and could not get a firm pedal to build up.
At first I had the resevoir top off and fluid went everywhere
put the lid on, still no pressure build up.
What's-up, do I have to have the motor running to get vacume to the master to make this happed , or do I have a problem??
Maybe I'm just doing something wrong and don't know it ,
any help out there?!?!?!?!?!??!
Having the cap on or off don't matter. But there has to be enough fluid to drain into the system or you'll be sucking air. I don't know how you are bleeding your brakes either. You have to start with farthest wheel to the master and then the second farthest and so on. Also make sure when you do this close off the other brake lines or they will bleed brake fluid and suck in air after a while. Check to see if theres any leaks or breaks in the brake lines and fittings too.

The quick fix way is to jack the front end up quite a bit and pop the master cap off and pump the brakes and wait for the bubbles to emerge from the master. This works too but takes longer. That just for when you don't want to mess with the lines.

Hope this helps.