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boring D60 spindles


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Manheim Pa
Has anyone had any rear spindle failures as a result of boring it larger to accept a 1.5" shaft? I was told it will weaken it and cause it to crack and or break off. I think it's a load of BS, but what do yous guys say?
Well, the Dana 60's that came 35 spline from the factory use the same OD on most of the spindle dimensions that the OEM 30 spline axles came with. So, basically, by boring them out, you are just going ending up with OEM strength 35 spline 60 spindles, minus some heat treated metal on the inside.

For a Jeep type vehicle this is not going to be a problem at all, and it's been done successfully many times.

What I heard, when I was checking into building a rear D60, was that there are different spindle thicknesses, and some will work well and some could be too thin. I have no idea which is which, or how to find out. It may also have to do with what tire size is being run, but that's speculation. I did hear about the possibility of failure, from reputable sources, but it was a while ago and I don't remember much.

FWIW, I was going to do it on a full floater that I had, but I ended up getting a Tera60.
What for tool does one use to bore the spindles?
Bah, just get a 14 bolt and call it a day. Then you can bolt on 3/4 ton front rotors for easy disc brakes.
yeah, but I already got the 60. Thanks anyways. You wouldn't happen to have an extra set of spindle ends from a 14b?
Flex, there was a company out there selling a tool to diy. Essentially it was a 1.600" endmill bolted to a shaft that was inside a collar that threaded onto the spindle. The easiest way (barring the fact that you can't find this super spiffy tool) to do it is to cut your ends off, take them to your local machine shop and have them bored out. I have seen a video of one guy that chucked up his entire axle on the lathe and bored it that way, it was interesting to see. I'd never do it though.
Thanks, Sean. That's the route I'm taking, unless I can find some 14b spindles free or really cheap. I need to cut them off anyway to narrow it.