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BOD Nominations


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Thornton, CO
The current BOD has decided, in accordance with the Bylaws, to add a general seat to our local Board Of Directors. That means that the BOD will now consist of three Officers and one Director. This seat is elected, along with the rest of the board. So this November we will hold that election. The nomination process starts 1 November. I will post up the rest of the dates as it gets closer to crunch time. Feel free to use this thread to discuss anything pertaining to this election.
Re: BOD Election This Fall

What positions are up for election other than the newly created Director seat?
I accept. Thanks!
Re: BOD Election This Fall

Nothing, we are only one year into our two year terms.

So if the new founded General Directors seat would take office Jan 1st, '09 and the other three positions are half way in their terms when would this General Directors position end its term, coinciding with the officers (which would make its first term 1/2 the normal time) or would it have its own 2 year term with elections one year following the elections after the officers? ...............Just curious :D

Woohoo! TROY'S going for it! :peace:
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The General Director seat is only a one year term. As such, all four seats will be up for election/re-election at the same time, one year from now.

Okay, so the new general director's term is yearly? makes sense....... except weird layout; three officers with 2 year terms, and one general seat, one year term. Surprised you guys didn't do two general seats with one year terms? there is plenty enough Colorado & surrounding area members to warrant it. :greensmok
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I nominate xjboy.