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Better than Stock? OME 2" Lift........


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Gotha, FL
This is the first time I am posting on the new software! It is my understanding that an OME suspension is better than stock. I just wondered if anyone here had any experience with OME and what your impressions were. Also OME is limited to 2".... could someone bump that up to ~4" with shackles and spacers (BB) and not sacrifice ride quality? Thanks......
I am at about 2.5 inches on my '99 with OME medium springs and their standard shocks. The ride can't be beat. I have spacers and blocks to get me to 3.5 inches but I don't want to compromise my current ride, so it may be a short experiment until I get ahold of some JKS lcas. Regardless, if you don't routinely climb over ricers and other large obstacles, you won't find a better suspension choice. With OME heavy duty springs and a shackle and spacer I have seen close to 5 inches. Good luck :next:
It rides great! Riding in my father's Rubicon, I can't even eat chips out of bag without them going all over the place. On the same trail, in my XJ, I can open a can of coke and drink it without it spilling or going flat. Now certainly some of that is do to wheelbase, but not all of it. You get substantionally more articulation out of the OME suspension as well. You won't be dissapointed.