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Better door pin and bushing kit?


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Just wondering if anyone knows of a better door hinge pin kit. I used Dorman 38439. I would not recommend this one.

I found it to be a poorly designed kit. After installation, It still had some play (sag) in the door, although it did improve somewhat. I noticed before I installed the kit that the bushing were not tight to the pin when I slid them on.

Also they machined the spline portion of the pin too fat so that the pin would not pound into place. (although I did get it to go after a while with a large air hammer)
Part of that sag could be pin holes that are out of round. Theres a video on youtube showing how to pull the door, reweld, and redrill them. Cant remember the user but search for “beater with a heater xj” and you should find it

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When I did door pins I searched quite a bit for a Dorman alternative and went as far as trying to design my own kit using shoulder bolts and bronze bushings. I ultimately never came to an off-the-shelf solution (I didn't want to machine my own parts) and ended up using the Dorman kit. Its definitely not a great solution.

I've always thought I'd like to come back to this problem to see my solution through. I'm quite sure there is a combination of off-the-shelf parts that can be ordered that will provide a superior door pin solution. I probably still have a pile of different size shoulder bolts and bushings somewhere. I remember combing through a catalog and ordering from an aviation supplier looking for Oilite bushings that I couldn't find anywhere else.