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Best new rear wheel hubs and bearings


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Hi - been searching far any wide for concrete info. I need to have my rear hubs and bearings replaced (old, vibrations, rotational whooshing noises at speed, etc.) but I'm having a hard time finding what the best brand is. Some say Timken, some say Timken was good but cheap junk now. Some say spicer, some say thats bad now too. No problem paying for quality but hard to find what that it these days. Anybody got definitive answers? Part numbers and purchase sites greatly appreciated.

Also going to replace my stock rear diff cover so any opinions on those appreciated as well. Kinda looking at the basic Spicer one w the 2 fill holes and magnetic drain plug.

1991 Sport 5sp Stock. DD. I think I have C-Clip Dana 35? 1991 is C-clips, yes?

Thx much for any info
The rear axle doesn't have hubs. The wheel mounting flange is part of the axle shaft.

A 1991 Dana35 should be c-clip unless someone swapped the axle. Could also be a Chrysler 8.25 which started in 1991. When the D35 switched to c-clip, they also switched to the rubber plug in the diff cover instead of the threaded plug. The rubber plug is also located higher in the cover since it uses the gear oil to lube the bearings.

Any particular reason to replace the cover? Here's a video on why most aftermarket covers actually make things worse. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9-yG3D3JBRs
I did a quick google on "good bearings" and typo'd it and got:
http://www.godbearings.com/category.html :}
Thx lawsoncl. Yes I realize this now so kind of a noob Q on the axles sry. It is a Dana 35. Video on covers makes sense. Spicer one may not have that issue. Just looking for a simple basic upgrade (mag plugs, drain plug) I know it not a great axle but XJ is stock. Wonder if the godbearings are any good lol :eek: really though I am kinda stuck on which bearing to put in. Read tons of reviews, seems like ppl say every brand is chinese or slovakian (?) and none are good. Somebody has to be using something good out there. The price of the bearing is small considering the role they play. Opinions appreciated. Thx all - TJ
Who knows anymore?

Most companies are just packaging up whatever they can get their hands on unless they make the parts themselves. Gotta see the packaging.