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best electrode for poor-fitting weld


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Okay, I'm looking for some recommendations from welders with more experience than me. I need to weld up a joint that doesn't fit very tightly, so I need a rod that will fill in the space fairly well. Checking the Lincoln website it seems they recommend 6012. Anyone else want to chime in with a recommendation?

In case it matters, I'm using a Lincoln AC/DC buzz box to make a rear bumper and the poor fit is in an area that is not structurally critical.
Break the shielding off of an electrode, lay it in the crack and weld over and to it. A little gap is good for deeper penetration. Did I just say what I think I said?? LOL

I agree with the 7018. You can lay the 7018 minus the flux in the gap and weld over it. You can also do a "Arkansas Tig" (no offense to you guys from Arkansas), to do that just weld with 7018 and take another piece of 7018 with no flux and hold it on your other hand and feed it into the weld Tig style. Crude but effective. BTW never do that on a critical weld. There is actually a lot of time where that can come in handy, and it is fairly easy to learn. The quickest way to fill it is a weave bead, nothing fills a nasty gap like a big old gnarly weave bead. :D

Have fun....