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best 30.9.50 for the money??

i'm posting this Q for my brother, whats the best value for a 30.9.50 mud terrain?? i was thinking about going with maxxis buckshot mudders or about $108 each from ntwonline.com, anybdy used this rubber before??? are there better deals out there??

thanks, jordan
Used tires are the best for the money. :D I only buy used ones anymore. My last set of 31s were some 60% MTRs that I picked up for $100.
kumho mts seem to be alright tire, guy in my club runs them in that size
buckshots are a fine tire, but you can find them cheaper locally. Local tire guy quoted me $400 mounted and balanced out the door for 4 31" buckshots
the new Big O XT's great tire, long wear, like glue on the rocks and great in the mud. and quiet on the road.

I'm starting to like my ProComp Mt's. They suck on road but off road they grab good. Front/rear lockers are helping as well!

I paid $120 each a year ago for them mounted and balanced, I've put about 6k on road and have been to the trails a dozen times with no issues.