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Bendix 9 abs problems


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upstate ny
Hey all, I'm looking for replacement abs tone rings for my 89 xj. A while back I had problems with the abs and looking at it with a mt2500 showed the front wheel speed to be erratic. After examining the sensor's and rings I discovered the rings to be eroded. I ordered new rings from rockford cv and installed them. My scan tool now shows the front wheels to be exactly half the speed of the rear. I noticed the new rings had 54 teeth and the original ones looked like more the 100. Anyone know where I can get tone rings for the xj? I checked OEM and they are only available with the outer shaft at $279 each. Any help is appreciated.
I could not find new tone rings separate from a new stub outer axle anywhere for my 89 because they only used these delicate 100+ small tooth rings from 89 to 91. Ended up having to order the stub axle w. tone rings from an online dealer at about 30% off but still very expensive. My suggestion is to first try to find rebuilt axles for that yr w. the tone rings, from autozone etc. They should be the cheapest way to go. P.S. my tone rings got mashed by an idiot mechanic doing a ball joint repair. He just tossed the axle shaft to the side a little w/o protecting the rings and bingo all it took was one or two teeth to get deformed to make my abs ring gap clearance fubar. Good Luck. Greg
Autozone online claims to have them in stock for about $90 for each rebuilt axle side.

Hi Greg, I stopped into the zone today to have a look and the shaft had the 54 tooth ring. Same as what I installed. I don't understand why the after market cv companies only show the 54 tooth ring for 88 to 92 year vehicles. I'll do away with the abs before I buy the oem parts at their outrageous price.