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Bald Mtn, West Lake, and Strawberry Lake Run 10/25 and 10/26


NAXJA Member #887
This past weekend was a blast for Robert + son and I + son. We met XJchuck and Neil on Bald Mtn on Sat 10/25. Ran Bald Mtn 1/2 day then Robert and I went off on our own to find a camping place for the night. West Lake was the spot we camped at for the night. Adrian, Joseph and I went fishing while Robert set up camp. We had the whole lake to our selfs with no one in site. The next day we set off to check out Strawberry Lake about 1.3 mile further from West Lake. Strawberry Lake is a great spot to camp, fish, and just enjoy the wilderness. I will post pictures up later. The sierra Mtns. has by far the best camping spots that I have been so far.