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Bad weekend!


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Fort Worth TX
Well my son and I went camping last weekend,just the two of us and the dog. Male bonding and all. We ended up near Pinecrest and decided to do the Niagra rim trail. Seamed easy enough.

We got about 6 miles from the trail head and started on a nice little decent on some rock slabs. Nothing overly difficult mind you.
But I guess I just wasn't paying attention and next thing you know wham!! we are rolling over. Yep rolled over not once nooo but twice.

I am sure the Bosco was glad he was outside watching. HeHe!

driverside window broke
rear driverside window broke
roof rack torn off and thrown
front driverside tire popped the bead
both antenas torn off
hood smashed,but still opens
roof dented in
rock rash in several new places
driverside mirrow K.O'd
pasanger mirror minor dmg
fan shroud torn up
fan bent
overflow hose for radiator severed
and all the tie down hooks I had inside ripped out

Well after a few hours of fixing, cleaning up we got back on the trail and headed home.

No injuries to myself or my son.

But the adventure continues

Sunday my son wants to rent jet skiis,so I rent two. After about half an hour of practice we take off having fun. About an hour into our fun my son panicks and runs into my ski doing about 35 mph. I see it coming and jump clear just before impact. One ski totalled and the other about 800 in dmg.

So after that my son wants to go sky diving and I say HELL NO. Maybe next year.

Man, that's scarry. I'm so glad you and your son are O.K.
After my little incident on the Rubicon in July I've been really careful when driving off ledges, ect. or just when getting in off camber situations. I think back to how many time I almost went over on my lid.
Take care.

Luckily I've never almost gone over on my lid. :rolleyes:

Glad everyone's OK. I started my wheeling career on Niagara Rim, it's a great time, and even more exciting when wet (what isn't :) )

jt....ouch!! glad your ok...i hope your son is doing ok emotionally and you to! is your rig repairable? or will you need to replace it?? you can always come visit goatman....he has expierence in rolled jeep repairs:) p.s. just remind me....not to follow you on the next trail run :D
Wow that sucks! Glad everyone was ok. Those types of weekends can really make your wallet shrink in a hurry huh? Did you have to pay for the Jet skiis?
Where is the Niagra rim trail? I go to Pinecrest several times each year and I haven't heard of that trail. Is it past Clarks fork?
Zpd the trail is just above the Niagra rim camp ground. When going to Pinecrest stay to the left at the ranger station. Continue for about 13 miles and there is a turn off for the camp ground. The
rangers can give you more detailed directions and maps.

bummer. I think you just took over my title as Most Fawked 97+ XJ. Glad you guys (and Bosco) are alright.

Now do you think that maybe you'll lighten the load on the roof? You had several hundred pounds up there when I saw you before the rubicon run. I sold my roof rack just for that reason. The rack alone was about 150#, add in my gear, spare tire, axle shafts, drive shafts and it totall screwed my center of gravity. I haven't even come close to rolling it this summer (in my garage ;) )

Sorry to hear about the Jeep. But good to know no one got hurt. If ya happen to need an extra hand fixin the XJ let me know since I'm just over the hill from you here in Pitt.

Rob D