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Bad news for CA people?

the way that I understood the proposed Bill was that tires would come with a label in effect simmilar to the type found on water heaters and such. The appeared to be provisions excluding "deep Tread and Off Road" tires. If I missed something, Please point it out. Remember: the fascist left has no more power than is given them by the silence of those with rational minds. I like the look on their faces when told that rape is also a sexual preference.
Focus Tim, this is a Jeep forum. Focus. Calm down....
Don't give 'em an inch, 'cause they'll take a mile. If you live in Ca. contact your congressman and tell how you feel. If we don't speak up they can't hear us.
IMO, we should pick our battles ... this issue seems destined for limbo in Congress, and has little chance of affecting our vehicles, unless the wording of the proposed legislation is very liberally interpreted.

But if we're gonna bark, I think we need to make sure that we get heard.

While there is power in individual letters, organized protest and lobbying are more effective. Get the 4wd associations to band together and promote a letter-writing campain and to hire or otherwise unduly influence lobbyists. This association should lend its logo, along with any others that we can muster, to a form letter published on the net that folks can print out and send to their Congresscritters. E-mail is usually not as effective as paper, so we need to make using the paper as convenient as possible to get the rank and file to actually send them. Provide links to Congressional contacts by zip code, for example. I encourage the Board of Directors to contact other associations and coordinate efforts.

But again, I think that we might be jumping the gun on this one, and should concentrate on land use issues while we can... we will never have such an easy go of it as when the Bush league is in power.
Dude check the date of the post you quoted, its like 7 years ago when the bill was new bro, some one drug it out from the back of the closet hence some of us crackin jokes about it being cal and sequoia's faults, come to think of it I blame dj and cracker too

Grimmy where is the pic and video to prove it
You are worried about an Assembly Bill that was signed into law on October 1, 2003. I can't say it's had any impact at all on me.

Did anyone look at the posted date on that thread, June of '03!
Bad News is Bad News... It doesn't matter when it arrives..

It's like saying, "Hey, did you hear the Cleghorn is closed?" ......OUCH!!!!!!!