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bad bad morning


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OK.... so I'm happily driving to work and suddenly I hear thunk, thump, hooooooooooooooooooooooowl coming from the rear of my xj. Surprising it drives pretty decent still and I'm not sure if it's me or it's the big rig I just passed. So I pull over and it turns out I'm driving with no air in the tire :( . Being lazy at 5:45am I call out the big guns (AAA) and have them change my tire. They got there pretty quick (about 10 minutes) but in the meantime the traffic on the freeway stopped (I'm still about 30 miles away from work across downton LA). Anyways, dude changes out my tire and I look at the one that just came off: it's a 8 month old BFG AT with a piece of aluminum pipe embeded into the tread with about 1/2" OD and 3/8" ID so that I could look into my tire! Anyways, threw the spare on and hobbled for 55 minutes more to work (bad bad traffic at that time...) where it normally should take me only about 20 minutes from that point on.....

Now I'm waiting for america's tire to open so that they can swap out my tire :D

Anyways, is it just me or is it a bad week for everyone and everyone is encountering problem after problem after problem, although I gotta say that so far Sequoia is still holding number one spot...

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Well, not as bad but.....one of my guys calls me Monday night, just after putting my steaks on the grill, tells me he hit the garage door at home...with the company van. So, its teach the wife how to cook a steak (I do ALL the cooking) and off I go to the other side of the city, about an hour drive. Pick himup and then another 45 min to the hospital for a pee test. Wait for an hour at the hospital, get him tested and drive him back home, then back to my cold, burnt, tasteless steak at 11PM at night. The worst part is I am not hourly, so this is all on my time, he tested negative so he gets OT.

I hear ya

Getting all geared up for a run at Pipeline this weekend. New stuff, improved stuff, untested stuff hitting trails for first time. Girl decides little sore throat she has had for a couple of days is getting worse. She heads to urgent care center to find out its mild strep. She is a trooper, and still wants to go, after 24 hours of antibiotics. Steel quarter panels delayed another week so if they arent here by 2 pm tomorrow, I go without. When it rains................
Ketar, If you are trying to work ur to a reason to stay home on the 19th, you are going to have to do better than that! LOL!
hahahha.... if anything I'll be out there on the 20th :D (sat is soccer)... plus I told you it might be 20th or 27th as I got that damn remodel I wanna finish (or at least get the floor in so that I can put couple layers of varnish on it and let it set... the preparations are a major PITA)

oh... and btw... of all things they had to be short handed and busy today and it took me over an hour to get the tire replaced! At least I had the hazard warranty so all I paid was for new certificates for balance and hazard....

Well not Jeep related but I can't work on the Jeep because it barely reached 60 degrees today it's windy, cloudy and I don't have a garage. I can't even go outside because the intermittent rainshowers make it hard to do aything. This weather sucks!