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back seat buckets


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I am going to pull out my carpet and herculine the xj interior this week. I am thinking about getting 2 buckets from the yard and putting them in the rear bench location or just a little further back.

All feed back appreciated

I think I remember reading about 2 or 3 people that did it.... unfortunately all that was many many moons ago on the old forum before it was being archived...... I do remember a link to a website though, so you might want to hit up google for it.

I have a pair of gray seats from a 1991 4dr Cherokee. They are in great condition. I would like $100 for both front seats and the rear bench. Make an offer PLEASE!!!! they take up way too much space in my garage.

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I had them out anyway so I just tried to set my front seats in back and they dont realy fit they are too tall. What would you guys do? tj, cj, john deer ? I need Ideas !!!!

isnt that even smaller?
Get a set of racing buckets (if $$ is there) and bolt them in.

Are your seat backs (front seats) removable head rests?

Haven't tried!
Do you have any pictures? I was thinking of doing something similar to free up a little storage space.
:twak: :twak: Sorry, my bad.


Go to the bottom of the first page and hpi_jeep starts showing how he has done it and it carries onto the 2nd page. I talked to him about this install and he said that he welded them in but that he saw no reason that they couldn't be bolted in. He unbolted the bottom frame and used from above that up. Lost some movement and a little of the recline as I remember.
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