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baby seat opinion


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looking for a good seat for my 7 month old. Which do u guys recommend ?
The britax is good but pricey. I think it would be just as safe as most others.
well, I recently went thru this. Consumer Reports rated Evenflo Titan 5 the best. This seat is under $100.00. I got an Evenflo Triumph as they didn't have a Titan at that time. both car seats plus the Britax are in the top 3 and are highly recommended by CR.

My wife got the Britax for her car. My opinions are that the Britax is worth the extra money. Just all around easier to get my little one in and out and FWIW looks a hell of a lot more confortable.
We use Cosco seats for my 4 year old and 3 month old. (the Eddie Bauer ones). Around the $100 range, real easy to use (i.e.- get the kids in and out of). They also have good customer support, as I broke the chest clip on one, and they sent a replacement free of charge.

I've been told by our local Sheriff's Dept. to stick with the 5-point harness type. The ones with the front bar aren't as safe.

The main thing is to have it checked out after you get it in. Police/Sheriff/Fire departments usually do this free of charge. Our daughter has a pool noodle under her rear-facing car seat to get the angle right. And don't be afraid to get those belts tight...that's your bundle of joy in there.

Good luck.
Definitely take it by a fire station, we go to a 1 week AAA class on how to put it seats. Verrrrrrry thorough. Check with your local AAA office to see if anyone has a coupon/discount for seats.
I have a Britax Roundabout in my XJ. I have it positioned in the middle of the backseat of a 2001 4 door. I'm 6'2" so he can kick my seat if he wants to, but there's plenty of room for him. He's been in it since he was six months and is just about outgrowing it now at two years and 32 pounds - seat is good until 35 pounds or a certain height. It gets goos safety ratings and is easy to get him in and out of - no complaints.
I am leaning toward the britax runabout($179) or the triumph 5 dlx ($139).Online prices.
Just a thought - Britax also makes a model called the Marathon. It's good up to 65 lbs, which means you can keep your little one in a 5-point harness longer.
Saw the marathon and the wizard, just a little too expensive. the runabout is just as safe. so don't anyone think i would put price above safety.
mgt said:
Saw the marathon and the wizard, just a little too expensive. the runabout is just as safe. so don't anyone think i would put price above safety.

For what its worth I was in the same boat as you and very quickly came to one conclusion when it comes to saftey for the kids MONEY IS NO OBJECT and trust me when I say I count every penny going out the door...We have a costco for the heep and the britax for the wifes and anyones else cars that the munchkin travels in...They are bulky (they take up alot of seat space but its worth it) do yourself a favor get a marathon(britax) and have peace of mind...My bro in law had his daughter in one and after they got broadsided at 45 by another vehicle in their zj the belts broke from their mounts and the baby ended up in the cargo space still buckled into her seat with only minor injuries....Plus the seats good to up to 65lbs its worth it....
just found a deal on a briitax marathon for 189 with free shipping. thanks for the info guys.