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axle brake swap question


NAXJA Member #659
Dayton, Ohio
okay got the 4.5 inch RE lift, 32 inch tires 4:10 gears ready to go. Question I have an 88 with 4.0 and dana 30/35. Parts pig is 89 with same axles. would like to just regear the parts axles and then install when the lift goes on, no down time, Big question, 89 has ABS will the brake hardware from the 88 which is good fit the 89 axles????? or is this a no go? The 89 also has a non disco front axle so I want to use that if at all possible. TIA< John:confused: :confused:
I would guess that you could swap the whole backing plate.As /are ? both D35,s with C-clips.
You will need to plug the vac lines to the front axle or change the 4wd switch on the transfer case.