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AX / 15's?


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Burlington NC
I have the infmaous puegot 5 speed in my cherokee and want to change over to the ax 15. I've found one out of a wrangler, is this going to mount up the same as one out of a cherokee?
Search, fellow jeeper............. a few of the basics, though.
Output shaft spline count on BA10 is 21. AX15 is 23. Change input shaft on t-case or easier is to swap t-case. Pilot bearing is different. Move crossmember back to next mounting holes. Existing driveshafts will work.
If you can, get a bell housing that has the external clutch.....Search......
So far found tranny only. If get this one would have to change input shaft like jim said. WOuld like to find the whole combo, so I can just change it all out as one unit.
The wrangler tranny will clock (meaning "rotate") the t-case a bit up higher so it gets close to the floorboards. Some people have found it necessary to hit the floor with a hammer, nothing major though. The plus part of this is a bit more ground clearance. The t-case shifter assembly is different, but you should be able to use your existing XJ parts. The tranny shifter is different from XJ/MJ to YJ/TJ and the YJ one will seem rather tall in an XJ. I sorta like it, but others hate it. I have a 99 TJ tranny and t-case combo in my MJ.
Jeep on!