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Automatic door lock actuators

Ed Wulfe+

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After 11 years I need to replace the keyless entry door lock openers. My local dealer wants $155 each. Ouch!! Does anyone know of a cheaper source for these.
Ed Wulfe
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If your not wanting em new, try ebay. Ive seen em go every now and then.
Do you mean the fobs? If so there is a company on the net that sells the older ones. Check the old OEM forum archives.
If you mean the solenoid motors inside the doors I ordered mine from pepboys for about $50 each. They (at least on my 89) are the same part used in chevys from the 80s. Turned out the prob was not my actuators but a voltage drop to them. Before replacing them make sure they are getting enough voltage. They need at least 9 volts to work. They are all on the same circuit so the ones at rear doors and hatch tend to get the least voltage. Greg
I believe I have read on here that JC Whitney may have some that work . . .
These aren't original but I've heard they work great.Door Locks
Might also want to check on JU.. There's a guy that had a writeup on a re-wire that increased the voltage.

Also, sometimes the lock mechanism itself is at fault. Take your door latches out, soak them in B-12 Chemtool, then lube the hell out of them...(with a non "sticky" lube)
I believe that the solenoid motors are at fault. Does anyone have a part # for these at Pep Boys or J.C. Whitney. Also, I will check the voltage and will clean and lube the old ones first. Thanks to all.
Ed Wulfe