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Aussie locker review "dana 44"



ok i have had my aussie locker in the rear of my xj "dana 44" for about 2 weeks now.. and here is what i think

easy as far as the locker itself goes... pulling the carrier was another story.. i finally pulled it using 2 pry bars on the ring gear bolts and my popeye arms!!

pulling out of the driveway i heard it ratchet.. at first it was pretty loud.. and then i drove for a couple miles and then added more diff fluid "on a hill" it made it a lot quieter.. i figured this was due to my pinion angle being pointed up due to my shims and sye... and after 300 miles it runs a lot quieter.. and a lot smoother.. it only locks up if you put the pedal to the metal in turns.. and the operation is un-noticeable other than the noise at low speeds & sharp turns

ohh my goodness this thing rocks off road.. it totally transformed my jeep.. i can go so many places i never dreamed i could and more importantly made me feel more in control offroad..

i really like the locker for its value/ operation and plan on getting one for the front.. and the guys from aussielocker are extremely nice!

if you have any questions feel free to post
Im going to be buying an Aussie, for my D30. Was your carrier just tough to get out or would you expect them all to be hard to pull out. And I guess installation wise how well put together are the directions. I really dont feel like grenading my axle haha.
i put one in a dana 30 of a tj and it was actually easy..

as far as the carrier.. my friends carrier pulled out with my hands pretty easy.. but if not a pry bar works well on the ring gear bolts..

the directions are easy to follow and there is a good write up on

we followed it to the T

good luck.. and oh yeah

in the front they work well.. invisible when in 2wd except for a slight click..

offroad they are real nice.. in the front of my friends tj "aussie front.. track lock rear.. it seemed to want to pull him upo onto stuff.. rather than to just push into it..
which is why i want a front one now
Was there sitll a huge wait for the locker? I had one in my CJ (after waiting 8 months to get it). I loved it. Smooth operation and no visible wear after 6 months of hard wheeling.