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We need to figue out when and where we are meeting in Tellico. Wes said he would head up there the morning of the 27th from around Knoxville. I got friends coming in town the 26th so if i need to I can head out the night of the 26th. My house is about 6 miles from the McDonalds. Everyone is welcome to crash there but we can't trash the place. So far it is me,Wes, a friend from Memphis and mabye 2 more from Nashville. Every one is set up ready to go. I also need to know what all I need to bring. The house has no furniture or cooking stuff so I will bring a grill. It does have heat and running water.
I will be leaving the morning of the 26th, takes me about 5 to 7 hours to get there, depending on how many times I got to feed my fat a$$ on the way. We are staying in the motel right by the Walmart that night, if you want to drive up that night and hang out with us feel free. I think we wanted to hit the trail early on the 27th to get a full day of wheeling. There will be myself, Jim, and 90% sure chad. Let me know what we need to bring, I've got lots of room on the flat bed for whatever. The beedlocks are sweet, thanx for the additional stuff.
ok greg we will be up there early evening on the 26th. Wes will be with me and a couple other guys might come also. I figure we will come down to your hotel and hang out for a while and then on the 27th we can just meet at mcdonalds in the morning. Do you think I could drive the truck and trailer up to the pay station? If not its going to be a cold ride for me.
I'm driving my truck and trailer up there, have before, its not that bad of a tow.Can we stay with you the following night or should we just stay in the motel? I'll give you mine and Jims' cell phone numbers so if there is any prob. we can get in touch with each other.I'll call ya later today.
I see you want to stay at the party palace. Its a good thing there is a church next door. I have no problems with you guys staying. Bring a sleeping bag because there is no furniture in the house. The only reason we are staying there is because its free, has heat, and running water.