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harrisonburg, va
just finished my swap after about two weeks of trying to find all of the right gear (brake lines, flange adapters,etc.). i drained the old fluid and inspected the gears. then realized i hadn't even looked at the fill plug situation (i'm used to the jeep set ups with plugs in the cover). what is the deal? i'm assuming the fill plug is the large plug on the FRONT of the diff with the threads showing, but how in the hell do i get that thing out? its not hex or torx, but just a big square indention that i've never seen before. i may be an idiot for asking, but i dont care.....what am i supposed to use here? i'd hate to have to go an buy some ford manual just to figure out how fill a rear diff. thanks in advance.
Try a 3/8 wrench with an extension!! ;) :D